4 Ways Summer Weather Can Damage Your Roof

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4 Ways Summer Weather Can Damager Your Roof

Summer’s just around the corner which means, sunny skies, pool days, and – roof damage? That’s right, the summer heat can wreak havoc on your home’s roof and cause lasting damage.

More often than not, homeowners don’t realize that summer weather is damaging their roof until it’s too late. The good news? The roofing experts at U.B. Code Roofing Consultants have the experience you need to keep your roof free of summer damage and ready to stand up to heat down the road.

Let’s take a quick look at the 4 ways that summer weather can damage your roof and how our team of professionals can help!

UV Exposure

When the sun is shining brightly, you can bet there’s a good chance that UV rays are hitting your roof, and hard. The sun produces UV rays that, even on cloudy days, can slowly wear down your roof and cause it to crack and deteriorate.

The worst part about UV rays is that they’re impossible to spot. They occur at a specific wavelength that makes them invisible, so it can be tricky to know if they’re actively damaging your roof. U.B. Code Roofing Consultants provides roof repair services for Denver homeowners who need help knowing whether their roof is suffering damage from too much exposure to UV rays.


Although it may seem like a no-brainer, exposure to extreme heat can make your roof deteriorate quicker than it needs to. Roofs without proper shade can absorb excess heat when it’s hot outside, which causes its materials to weaken.

Although there is no way to avoid intense sunlight causing your roof to absorb its heat, there are some things you can do to mitigate potential damage. For example, make sure that your home’s attic is providing adequate ventilation to keep too much heat from building up inside and prevent condensation.

Summer Storms

When you think of the summer season, do you think of storms? Probably not, and you’re not alone. Most homeowners forget that summer storms can cause problems to their home’s roof, bringing with them heavy rain, wind and hail that can quickly damage your roof and its materials.

Summer storms may seem scary, but you can prevent the damage they cause by getting your roof inspected during springtime. Our team checks the roofs of our clients for potential damage that could compromise structural integrity in the event of a summer storm. Consult the expertise of the roofing professionals at U.B. Code Roofing to mitigate as much summer storm damage as possible.

Thermal Shock

The high temperatures that occur during the summer season can cause thermal shock, which makes your home’s roof contract and expand faster than it’s capable of doing. Thermal shock creates tension in your roof which can lead to serious issues, even if its shingles aren’t that old.

We highly recommend that you book an appointment with roofing pros like those at U.B. Code Roofing to assess your roof for any damage including thermal shock, and best advise how to prevent further damage.

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Taking care of your home’s roof can be both time-consuming and costly. With the help of an experienced team of roofing professionals, it doesn’t need to be. At U.B. Code Roofing Consultants, we’re committed to providing our clients with the peace of mind they deserve with top-quality roof repair service.

If you need help maintaining your roof and getting it ready for the summer heat, look no further than our team. Get in touch with us today by calling (303) 458-3790 or by visiting us on our Contact page. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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