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It’s important to have a roof you can trust to protect your commercial property. From staff to inventory, flat roofing is one of the most reliable materials to keep your business secure. There are many benefits to flat roofing, including durability and relative low costs. U.B. Code Roofing has a team of experts for your roof repairs and installation. We want you to feel safe when we offer services for your commercial business.

When you hire us, you can look forward to the best recommendations for materials. We’ll factor in your budget and roofing needs to suggest the right flat roofing for you, like TPO or EPDM. If your commercial roof is older or damaged and you already need a roof replacement, you might consider upgrading to flat roofing in Strausburg, CO. To make sure you’re getting results you can trust, call us today for your estimate!

Quick Flat Roofing in Strausburg, CO

There are several options to choose from when you want flat roofing. Four types of flat roofing stand out among out customers, so here’s a brief idea of each one.


We can efficiently install EPDM on virtually any flat roof by utilizing large rolls of this durable material. The synthetic rubber material is fully-bonded and seamless to prevent leaks. It’s installed as a single, continuous piece for exceptional resistance to elements, like harsh temperatures, UV rays, and chemicals. With our regular maintenance, you could have your EPDM flat roof for 30 years. 


If you’re looking for an efficient flat roofing material, thermoplastic polyolefin might be perfect for you. This white material is naturally reflective to sunlight, which can keep heat out. That’s one added benefit of TPO, because it can save on your energy costs, especially in the summer.

TPO comes in rolls of 10-, 12-, and 20-foot increments to offer a solution for more flat roofs. The reinforced scrim makes it more durable and the synthetic sheets hold up well to harsh weather. If you need flat roofing, EPDM and TPO are common choices, so call us now to get started!

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There are many similarities between polyvinyl chloride and TPO. As a material, PVC keeps out UV rays and heat for better efficiency. This single-ply membrane comes in sheets for faster roof installation. PVC doesn’t need much maintenance to keep your commercial building protected and it can last for 25 years with our help.

Standing Seam Metal

One of the more expensive materials is standing seam metal, but there are many benefits that make it worth it. Standing seam metal has an increased lifespan thanks to the aluminum or steel construction. With this choice, you could keep your roof secure for 50 years or longer. Standing seam metal gets that name from having raised seams that lock together to keep water out. It’s an effective way to protect your roof deck and underlayment.

Even though it’s metal, you won’t have to worry about issues with heat, because the seams are designed for thermal movement. Standing seam metal also offers many options for finishes and colors to make your commercial building stand out. If you need a roof replacement or want to upgrade with flat roofing, call U.B. Code Roofing today!

The Best Flat Roofing in Strausburg, CO

There are multiple materials for your flat roofing needs, but they all offer benefits worth considering. If you want to protect your business with a flat roof, these are 3 things to think about:

  • It’s cost-efficient. Between the natural resistance to UV rays, low maintenance, and increased durability, you can save with flat roofing.
  • It’s versatile. Flat roofing can be more efficient to prevent heat from getting into your commercial building. Flat roofs are also more difficult to vandalize.
  • You’ll have options. Flat roofing offers many creative designs to get the roof you want. You can install a garden, terrace, and many other features on a flat roof.

When you choose flat roofing, you can count on improved protection and efficiency for your business. There are a lot of ways that flat roofing can benefit you, so don’t hesitate to give U.B Code Roofing a call today for your estimate!

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