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Your roof is the first line in defense to protect your home or business. It could be extreme storm damage repair or old age, but your roof can’t last forever. When you need to replace your roof, you can count on U.B. Code Roofing.

We’ve got a team of trained experts to give you a secure roof. We’ll also help you with every decision, starting with the materials. There are multiple reasons to want or need a new roof, but here are 4 of the most popular ones:

  1. Roof repairs are too expensive
  2. You’ve had the same roof for too long
  3. Increased home or business value
  4. You just remodeled your home
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Secure Roof Replacement in Centennial, CO

If you’re a homeowner, your roof protects you from the weather and any debris that gets blown around. For a commercial business, you’ve got staff and inventory to worry about. Either way, it’s important to know you can count on your roof for security. A roof replacement in Centennial, CO can also increase the value of your home or business. That’s not the only financial reason to consider a new roof, though.

With a new or upgraded roof, you can retain cold air and heat better. This can save on your electric bill, so you could save a lot over time. A professional roof replacement could also avoid issues that lead to frequent roof repair. A new roof can keep water out better and leave your roof deck better protected. That means preventing mold growth, bugs, vermin, and other problems that a worn roof might not keep out.

Your roof can usually hold up for around 15 years with proper roof repair. After that, we recommend an annual inspection to make sure everything’s working to keep you safe. As time goes by, the effectiveness of your roof can diminish. When you need a new roof, we’ll work quickly to take care of things. Between damages and age, there are a lot of reasons to get a new roof, like:

  1. The roof is leaking. Water damage can wreak havoc on the layers below and potentially cause flooding in your home or business. You might need a replacement to prevent mold, ruined insulation, or a weakened roof deck.
  2. Cost-efficiency. Storm damage repair can get expensive if the extent of those damages is bad enough. Materials can get pulled off and the rainfall can cut through your underlayment before long. If the cost of your roof repair would be more than a roof replacement, we’ll recommend the latter to save you money and give you the opportunity to upgrade with better materials.
  3. Your shingles are old or ineffective. While there are many materials to choose from, shingles are the popular choice by far. That’s because they’re inexpensive and offer a lifespan of two decades. However, they can wear out before twenty years are up after constant exposure to sunlight and bad weather. If your shingles aren’t as protective or get pulled off, your underlayment and roof deck can be at risk. That also means your home or business would be in danger.

A roof replacement can offer many benefits while preventing the negatives above. If you want to get the most out of your new roof, call U.B. Code Roofing today and schedule your estimate!

Fast Roof Replacement in Centennial, CO

Your roof can become damaged, or materials can go missing. Still, you don’t have to wait for expensive roof repairs to want a new roof. By upgrading with modern materials, there are benefits to an early roof replacement in Centennial, CO. You might also want to change the look of your roof to complement a remodel. We’ll recommend the best products to give you a trustworthy new roof.

Aside from the visual aspect, newer materials often have better protection. Since your roof is there to keep you safe from the elements, upgrading your roof can have a major impact. If you’ve just had a home addition, you might also want a new roof to even everything out, so stop looking for a roofer near me and call us today for an estimate!


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