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Storm damages can range from a little rain to hurricane-level winds and hail. Since all of it hits your roof, it’s no surprise that you might need storm damage repair in Thornton, CO. When that happens, you should hire a professional.

U.B. Code Roofing offers experienced repairs when your roof is damaged by a storm. We’ve seen shingles get ripped off or cracked from hail impacts. We’ve also seen what happens when minor issues aren’t dealt with. More often than not, it’s because the signs of leaks weren’t noticed ahead of time. 

That’s why an annual inspection is so important. We can locate any small problems caused by storm damage and diagnose if repairs or a replacement are necessary. To make sure you get the most from your roofing investment, give us a call today!

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Need Storm Damage Repair in Thornton, CO?

It can be nice to enjoy the sounds of a rainstorm on your roof, but there might be damage to your materials happening. Not only could the shingles be pulled off or deteriorated, but the flashing might be damaged as well. This seals out moisture, which can prevent leaks. With missing materials, the underlayment can be left as the only thing between the elements and your decking. All of this can result in moisture damage or a compromised structure, so storm damage is serious business.

Most roofing can last around 15 years with proper maintenance, but nature is a variable. Storms can significantly reduce your roof’s lifespan if left unchecked. With a yearly inspection, we’ll look for common signs of water damage, like peeling or missing materials, water spots, or mold. If you’ve had a bad storm recently, or it’s been a while since your last inspection, call U.B. Code Roofing now to schedule your estimate!

Quality Storm Damage Repair in Thornton, CO

The ideal roofing contractor works fast without sacrificing quality. You don’t want quick results that don’t last, because roofing can be a big investment. With that in mind, you can trust our experience at U.B. Code Roofing. We’ll make sure your roof is intact after a storm.

While our team will work quickly to handle any storm damage repair in Thornton, CO, we’ll make sure you’re protected. We know residential and commercial roofing, so you can count on our expertise for the best recommendations and services.

During our inspection, we’ll diagnose signs that repairs are needed. If the damages are bad enough, we might recommend a replacement as the cost-effective option. Either way, it’s a huge mistake to attempt your own repairs. Many people think this is less expensive, but you’ll probably spend more time and money to risk injury.

Our inspection will examine your property, especially the walls, roofing, ceiling, and attic. Water damage and leaks can show up in many areas of your home or business. The earlier we catch them, the better, so call us today for your inspection!

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