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Your home and roof are exposed to the elements at all times, so a bad storm can wreak havoc. Mother Nature can be unrelenting with lightning, harsh rain, and heavy winds. All of these can deal out a lot of damage, so it’s good to have someone you can trust.

We always recommend hiring a professional for storm damage repair in Aurora, CO. We’ve got the experience you need to make sure your home is safe. Even the smallest issue can grow into a very expensive problem, so it’s best to get roof repair as soon as you notice something.

You might need window replacement from a branch crashing through or a siding contractor. Whatever the case, U.B. Code Roofing Consultants offer a number of services to help. Let us know what we can do for you today when you call and schedule your inspection!

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Need Storm Damage Repair in Aurora, CO?

There’s something soothing about the sounds of a storm, but it’s not comforting without peace of mind. You want to know that your home is protected while the rain is pouring down. Unfortunately, storms can get worse and cause more damage.

The shingles on your roof can get ripped off from strong winds. The natural acidity of rain can also cause shingles to peel or crack over time. Even if the shingles don’t seem like a problem, they can let in water.

Attic ventilation can help keep moisture out, but damage above can let too much water through. This can weaken your roof deck and lead to a roof replacement if you’re not careful. It can also cause mold to form or attract bugs and rats. Your insulation can also go bad from moisture.

That’s why it’s so important to let us handle your storm damage repair in Aurora, CO. We’ll start with a thorough inspection to make sure we catch any signs of damages on top of what’s obvious. That way, we can fix everything at once and you can relax.

With our services at your disposal, you can also have an easier time with insurance claims in the future. Storms can even bring hail, which can impact your roof and tear up the materials. If you’ve had a storm and want to feel protected, call us today and schedule an inspection!

We Do Storm Damage Repair in Aurora, CO

When it comes to your roof, you want to know you’re getting the best results. Our team at U.B. Code Roofing Consultants knows what we’re doing. We’ve got experience with the top manufacturers around, so we know the best products to recommend.

We also know that repairs can add up and get expensive. While roof replacement can be costly, we might recommend it if the repairs aren’t cost-efficient. That’s one benefit of working with a professional, because we also want to protect your wallet where possible.

A lot of homeowners want to fix things themselves. While you might be able to do some things on your own, we suggest letting us handle roof repair. We’ll do it right the first time, and we can do it faster. We’ve also got access to the best safety equipment, so we won’t fall off.

After a storm, check your roof for signs of damage. If any shingles are cracked or missing, it could spell trouble. Walls could also be stained or flashing could be gone. If you want to make sure you’re secure, give us a call today and schedule your inspection!

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