Storm Damage and Insurance

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Need Assistance Filing Your Storm Damage Insurance Claim?

When storms wreak havoc on your property, it’s crucial to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. Speed is just one factor that can affect whether or not you get the necessary coverage for roof repair. However, the claim process can be complex and stressful to go through alone. 

When you hire UB Code Roofing, our experienced roofers can guide you through the process of filing your insurance claim and help you maximize your coverage. When you’re done, we can also perform the repairs you need, so call us as soon as you notice any damages after a storm!

Documenting Your Storm Damages

Properly documenting the damages to your roof is essential to strengthen your insurance claim. Insurance companies may attempt to shift the blame for damages or dismiss them as cosmetic wear, leaving you without full reimbursement for a roof replacement or repairs. Documenting and photographing the storm damages is one of the best ways to prove the cause and effect. 

Taking numerous pictures of the storm damage will help support your claim, ensuring you receive at least partial coverage. Our experts can help by recommending what to photograph and how best to keep track of your evidence.

Talk to Your Insurance Provider

Once you’ve documented the storm damages, you shouldn’t waste time contacting your insurance carrier. Waiting too long to file a claim can be a major reason you don’t get coverage, especially if you wait beyond the acceptance period. Reporting your storm damage quickly shows that it’s a priority and can help your case.

Pick Your Contractor

After filing your storm damage insurance claim, you should research roofing contractors to find the right one for you. We can make it easy and recommend UB Code Roofing for all of your roofing needs. Whether you’ll need repairs or a roof installation, we’re experienced and qualified to work on residential and commercial roofs.

We’ll start by inspecting your roof and the rest of your property to diagnose any water damage. Once we’ve done a thorough investigation and determined your roofing problems, we can recommend the proper service to protect your home or business. Call us today if you’ve had a bad storm roll through!

Trust Your Contractor

While your insurance company may suggest a contractor or require the use of a “managed repair program,” this limits your options and may not provide the best roof repair. You can count on UB Code Roofing to do the repairs or replacement that you need for a secure restoration. 

After the Coverage

It’s important to be patient with your claim process, because reimbursement can take time. Before you try to do repairs yourself, that can prove dangerous and end up costing more if mistakes are made. That’s why you should work with our professional roofers at UB Code Roofing. 

Our team is well-versed in storm damage repair and roof replacement. With our knowledge, we can identify and address issues throughout your property after a storm. We’re also familiar with the claim process enough to recommend these 6 tips to help your chances of a successful claim:

  1. Know the contact information for local emergency services. 
  2. Document everything related to your roof. 
  3. Call the insurance company and UB Code Roofing as soon as possible. 
  4. Wait to get rid of anything. 
  5. Utilize text alerts. 
  6. Keep a claim diary. 

If your roof has experienced any kind of storm damage, don’t hesitate to reach out to UB Code Roofing. We’re experienced with many roofing services, including repairs and installations, and the insurance claim process to make sure you have the best chance of coverage. Give us a call now to get started!

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